Just a few music links (a silly listing).

"Super Silly" listing ofcourse (completely in Albert style...). But I admit: silly it is.
(Probably because I' am silly, which would explain it. I think it's that.)

It's not in any particular order....

--> Black Sun Entertainment:
Envoy (I will never tell you anything !!!)

--> DJ Fresh
Gold Dust (clip)

--> Individual LIVE covers of Iron Maiden:
Ada Kaczanowska: Fear Of The Dark (guitar)
Cello Force Cover: Fear Of The Dark (cello)
Ami Kim: Hallowed Be Thy Name (drums)
Noelle dos Anjos: 666: The Number Of The Beast (guitar)
Sina: The Trooper (drums)

--> Patty Gurdy:
Gurdy's Green (clip)

--> Individual LIVE covers of Black Sabbath:
Anett Foldes: Changes (piano, vocals)

--> Black Sabbitch (Band of Angie Scarpa) (all Live clips)
War Pigs
Sweat Leaf (1)
Sweat Leaf (2)
Iron Man
Children of the Grave
Sabbra Cadabra
Into The Void
Tomorrow's Dream
Symptom Of The Universe

--> Saxon:
Thin Red Line
Wheels of Steel

--> Zepparella (The best line-up, with Anna Kristina):
When The Levee Breaks (clip)
Bring It On Home (live, clip)
Immigrant Song (live, clip)

--> Tina Turner
Disco Inferno (clip)
Nutbush City Limits (studio)
Nutbush City Limits (live)
Addicted To Love (live)
Steamy Windows (live)
We Don't Need Another Hero (live)
A real classic: The Queen and King (Tina and Chuck Berry) (live)

--> Siouxsie And The Banshees:
Happy House
Kiss Them For Me

--> Individual LIVE covers of Slayer:
Ami Kim: Raining Blood (drums)
Nea Batera: South of Heaven (drums)
Lux Drummerette: Postmortem (drums)

--> Simple Minds:
She's A River (clip)
She's A River (studio)
New Gold Dream (live)
New Gold Dream 12" (studio)
Up On The Catwalk (live)
Up On The Catwalk (clip)
Waterfront (live)
Waterfront (studio)

--> X-Ray Spex:
Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
Germ free adolecents
The Day The World Turned Day Glo

--> Blondie:
Atomic (clip)
Dreaming (clip)
Heart of Glass (clip)

--> Missing Persons:
Destination Unknown (clip)
Mental Hopscotch (clip)
Words (clip)

--> The Cult:
Wild Hearted Son (clip)
Lil' Devil (clip)
Love Removal Machine (clip)
Fire Woman (clip)
Rain (clip)
Revolution (clip)
Revolution (Live)
Edie (clip)

--> The Cure:
A Forrest (clip)

--> The Warning (live):
Atlas Rise

--> The Crystal Method:
Weapons of Mass Distortion

--> Lonely Planet / Globe Trekker:
One of the music themes. (Or...: Why Are You Still At Home?????)

--> Silenzium:
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Kiss) (clip)

--> Individual live covers of Deep Purple:
Sina: Burn(drums)
Chiara Cotugno: Highway Star (drums)
Anastasia: Highway Star (guitar)
Laura: Highway Star (drums)
Luna: Smoke On The Water (Gayageum)

--> Individual live covers of Sepultura:
Cri Cri: Territory (drums)
Noelle dos Anjos: Roots Bloody Roots (guitar)

--> The Donnas:
Who Invited You? (clip)
Take it Off (live, 100000000000% Rock)
Fall Behind Me (clip)

--> Jean Michel Jarre:
Equinoxe p1

--> Rory Gallagher:
Messin with the Kid (live)
Lonesome Highway (studio)

--> Kiss:
I Love It Loud (clip)

--> Cello Force Cover:
Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden) (clip)

--> Nina Hagen:
So Bad (clip)
Ziggy (live)
My Way (live)

--> Life of Pi
Pi, and Richard Parker, the tiger. (the tiger is digitized)

--> Iron Maiden:
Killers (Paul)
Can I play with Madness (Bruce) (clip with the great Graham Chapman)
The Trooper (Bruce)
Fear of the Dark (clip) (Bruce)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Bruce)
Wasted Years (clip) (Bruce)
Dance Of Death (Bruce)
22 Acacia Avenue (Bruce)
Run To The Hills (Bruce)
(666) Number Of The Beast (Bruce)
To Tame A Land (Bruce) (clip from the movie Dune)
Phantom of the Opera (Paul) (live)
Phantom of the Opera (Paul) (studio)

--> (The fairly "early") Metallica:
Don't Tread On Me

--> Goddesses of Bagpipes:
Shipping To Boston / Enter Sandman (clip)

--> Montrose:
Rock The Nation
Make It Last
Space Station V

--> WANT 100% PURE ROCK??? (ac/dc ofcourse.)
----... Just a few out their enormous repertoire...
----... ----------------------------------------...

You cannot be the largest ACDC fan..., simply because I am !!!!!!

Spellbound (studio)
If You Want Blood, You Got It (clip, Bon)
Its A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock'N Roll (clip, Bon)
Hell Ain't No Bad Place To Be (live, Brian)
Live Wire (studio)
Live Wire (live, Bon)
Evil Walks (studio)
Down Payment Blues (studio, Bon)
Down Payment Blues (live, Brian)
Rock 'N' Roll Train (clip)
Squealer (studio)
Stormy may day (incredable footage).
Sin City (studio)
Bedlam in Belgium (studio)
Nervous Shakedown (studio)
Night Prowler (studio)
Cold Hearted Man (studio)
Hard as a Rock (studio)
Have A Drink On Me (studio)
Sink The Pink (studio)
Thunderstruck (clip Battleship)
Gone Shootin' (studio)
Dog eat Dog (live, Bon)
War Machine (live, Brian)
Overdose (studio)
Rock or Bust (clip)

--> Nik West: The best cover ever... of Back in Black...:
Back In Black (clip)

--> Suzanne Vega:
Solitude Standing (clip, studio)
Blood makes noise (Vol. 3)
Luka (live)

--> Katzenjammer (live):
Sheperd and Princess
Rock Paper Scissors

--> Genesis:
The Return of Giant Hogweed (the early Genesis)
Abacab (live, the later Genesis)

--> Men without Hats (Dance ReMix)
Safety Dance (Dance ReMix) (clip)

--> Utah Saints:
Something Good
Something Good (original)

--> Airbourne (Warning: 99.99999999999999999999999999999 Vol.% ACDC):
Back In The Game
Diamond In The Rough
Runnin' Wild
No way But The Hard Way
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

--> Jefferson Airplane:
White Rabbit (live)

--> B-52's:
Song For a Future Generation
Planet Claire
Private Idaho
Rock Lobster

--> Shuffle Dance clips: Various artists.
Music: "Life - Mix" (clip)
Music: "Spread Your Love - Mix" (clip)
Music: "Rhythm Of The Night" (clip)
Music: "I can't dance - Mix" (clip)
Music: "Rasputin - Mix" (clip)

--> Pretenders:
My City Was Gone (studio)
My City Was Gone (live)
Creep by (live)

--> Flatt and Scruggs & Foggy Mt Boys:
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (1949, original, studio) (1)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (clip) (2)

--> Grandpa Jones:
Old Rattler

--> (The Early) Pink Floyd:
Interstellar Overdrive
Astronomy Domine (1) (live, ummagumma)
Astronomy Domine (2) (studio)
A Saucerfull Of Secrets

--> Go Go's: Live, Central Park, may 2001:
Our lips are sealed
Head Over Heels

--> Battleship - AC/DC (Silly movie, but this scene is OK. Yes, I am crazy probably, but AC/DC and Battleships works for me.):
Thunderstruck (clip Battleship)

--> Lindsey Stirling:
Shadows (clip)

--> Michael Jackson, with his Brilliant protest song...
They Don't Care About Us (live Munich 1997)

--> Engel (based on Rammstein - Engel) interpretations.
Gregorian: Engel (clip)
In Chorus: Engel

--> Musician live covers of Jimmy Hendrix:
Sima B: Voodo Child (guitar)
Luna: Voodo Child (Gayageum)

--> KSM:
I want you to want me (clip)

--> Musician live covers of Rammstein:
VanValia: Engel (guitar)
VanValia: Du Hast (guitar)

--> The Runaways (full band):
Cherry Bomb (clip)
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (clip) (Slade)

--> Joan Jett (full band):
I Hate Myself For Loving You
Cherry Bomb
Do You Wanna Touch Me (1)
Do You Wanna Touch Me (2)

--> Girlschool (full band):
Demolition (rehearsal 1980)
The Hunter (rehearsal 1980)
Live From London (live 1984)
C'mon Let's go! (clip)
Emergency (live)

--> Lillix (full band):
What I Like About You (cover Romantics) (clip)
What I Like About You (studio)

--> BACK:N:BLACK (full band):
Down payment Blues (clip) (live)
Rock Or Bust (clip) (live)
Touch Too Much (clip) (live)
Have A Drink On Me (clip) (live)

--> Musician live covers of ACDC:
Hisako Ozawa: You Shook Me All Night Long (guitar)
Luna: Back In Black (Gayageum)
Sina: Hells Bells (drums)
Stringsgirl: Back In Black (guitar)
Jassy J: TNT (guitar)
Sandra Gobin: Highway To Hell (drums)

--> Nur Amira Syahira:
Nur Amira Syahira: Two Steps From Hell (drums)

--> Musician live covers of Accept:
Jassy J : Fast As A Shark (live, guitar)

--> Musician live covers of Dire Straits:
Luna: Sultans Of Swing

--> Musician live covers of Metallica:
Barbora: Orion (guitar)
Noelle dos Anjos: Orion (guitar)
Cizzie: Moth Into Flame (guitar)

--> Nightwitches (all Live clips):
Into The Void
War Pigs
Performance Brussel 11/07/2012

--> Precious Wilson:
Hold On I'm Coming

--> Amii Stewart:
Knock on Wood

--> Anouk:
R U Kiddin' Me
The Dark
Sacrifice (live)

--> Yvonne Elliman:
Can't Find My Way Home (live 1977))
If I Can't Have You (Live 1977)
Everything's Alright (Live 1976)

--> Rollerskate girls (music of the first clip: Dire Straits):
Dire straits: Skateaway (clip: rollerskate girls)
From the clip above: The Main act (clip).

--> Snap:

--> Uriah Heap:
Rainbow Demon

--> The Human League :
The Lebanon

--> Devo:
Corporate Anthem (clip)
Watch us work it (clip)

--> (The original/early) Accept:
Russian Roulette
Heaven Is Hell
Princess of the Dawn (live, 1985)
Restless and Wild
Restless and Wild (live, 1985)
Balls To The Wall (clip, 1984
Metal Heart

--> (The early) Slayer:
South Of Heaven (studio)
South Of Heaven (live, 1991)
Hell Awaits (studio)
Hell Awaits (live)
Raining Blood (live)

--> Alanis Morissette
You Oughta Know (live, 2012)

--> Dave Edmunds:
Sabre Dance (studio)
Sabre Dance (live, Aug. 2016)
Sabre Dance (Edmunds/Love Sculpture, 1969)

--> The Connels:
'74 '75 (studio)

--> Focus:
Silvia (live)
Silvia (studio)
Hocus pocus (live)
Hocus pocus (studio)
House of the King (studio)

--> Toyah:
Sensational (clip)
Latex Messiah (clip)
Latex Messiah (live, acoustic, 2016)

--> Urban Cookie Collective:
High On A Happy Vibe (clip)
Feels Like Heaven (clip)
The Key, The Secret (clip)

--> Ry Cooder:
Paris, Texas
He'll have to go

--> The Sweet:
Fox on the Run
Ballroom Blitz
Love Is Like Oxygen

--> Vangelis:
Theme Blade Runner (1)
Theme Blade Runner (2)

--> Deep Purple:
Highway Star (studio)
Highway Star (clip: live '72, the earliest vid?)
Highway Star (clip: Anastasia 's cover)
Lazy (studio)
Perfect Strangers (clip)
Speed King (studio)

--> Sylvester:
Do Ya Wanna Funk

--> Some of (the more heavy) masterpieces of the early Queen:
Fat Bottomed Girls (clip)
I am I Love with My Car (studio)
Tie Your Mother Down (clip)

--> Garbage:
Stupid Girl (live)
Only Happy When It Rains (live)
Think I'm Paranoid (clip)

--> Indeep:
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

--> The Motels:
Suddenly Last Summer

--> "The Swedish" Bullet (some other bands use the name "bullet" too):
Pay the Price
Dusk 'til Dawn
Dusk 'til Dawn (live)
Bite the Bullet (clip)

--> Eddie Rabbitt:
Driving My Life Away

--> The Cure:
A Forrest

--> Nellie Furtado:
Turn Off The Light (live)
Turn Off The Light (clip)

--> Sex Pistols:
New York
Pretty Vacant
Holiday In The Sun

--> Captain Hollywood Project:
Flying High

--> Romantics:
What I Like About You

--> Dirty Women (all Live clips):
Sweat Leaf
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Dirty Women/Iron Man

--> Chumbawamba:
I Get Knocked Down

--> Def Leppard:
Rock of Ages
Pour Some Sugar On Me

--> Shocking Blue:
Inkpot (clip)
Inkpot (studio)
Send me a postcard
Venus (live)
Never Marry A Railroad Man (clip)

--> The Cats:
Sailing Home (slideshow tall ships)
Marian (clip)
Sure he's a cat (clip)
One way wind (clip)

--> The legendary Sister Sledge, and Joni & Debbie :

--More recent:
Debbie solo: Lost in music (clip)
Joni and Debbie: We Are Family (live)
Debbie: fragments of "Live at The Cotton Club" (2014, Jazz)

--'70s/'80s classics:
Sister Sledge: Lost In Music (1984, Nile Rogers mix)
Sister Sledge: Lost In Music (1979, original)

--> Viola Wills:
If You Could Read My Mind (extended)

--> Juli Driscoll and Brian Auger (Dylan):
Wheel's on Fire (clip)
Wheel's on Fire (studio)

--> (The early) Dr. Feelgood (but don't smoke !!!!!):
Milk & Alcohol
Down To The Docter

--> Status Quo:
Roll Over Lay Down (clip)
Down Down (clip)

--> Hot Chocolate:
Every 1's a winner

--> Golden Earring:
Twilight zone
When The Lady smiles

--> Gruppo Sportivo:
I shot my Manager
Hey Girl

--> Corona:
Rhythm of the Night

--> HET (Dutch):
Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan / I Dont Want To Get Up Now

--> The Saints ('70s period):
Story Of Love
Wild about You
Messin' with the Kid

--> The Nosebleeds:
Ain't Bin to No Music School

--> The Shirkers:
Drunk and Disorderly
Drunk and Disorderly: Cover by Black Market Baby

--> Detroit Spinners:
Rubberband Man (studio)
Rubberband Man (live Midnight Special, 1976)

--> Usura:
Open Your Mind

--> Bad Company:
Bad Company

--> Kraftwerk:
Autobahn (original)

--> T'Pau:
Heart And Soul

--> Billy Ocean:
Red Light Spells Danger (studio)
Red Light Spells Danger (live)
Love Really Hurts Without You
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

--> Gino Vannelli:
Wild Horses
Black Cars

--> Pointer Sisters:
Jump (Extended)

--> George Michael:
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

--> Gwen Stefani - No Doubt:
It's My Life (a cover)

--> The Flirts:
Passion (12")

--> AB/CD (Not spelled wrongly. This guys were *REAL* AC/DC addicts, or "Tribute" Band.):
Harley Davidson (written by Angus & Malcolm)
Rock 'n Roll Devil
Devils Dinner

-->Rhino Bucket:
Bar Time
Beat To Death Like A Dog
Take A Long Long Ride With Yourself

--> Republica:
Ready To Go (studio)
Ready To Go (live, RockPalast '97)

--> The Early And Original Sepultura:
Inner Self (live 1991)
Refuse Resist

--> Alice Cooper:

--> The Cars:
Moving In Stereo

--> The Motors:
Dancing the night away (1) (studio)
Dancing the night away (2) (live)

--> Terri Nunn:
Like Flames (live)

--> Earth and Fire:

--> XTC:
Making Plans for Nigel

--> Diesel:
Sausalito summer nights

--> Helltrain:
Route 666

--> Nazareth:
This Flight Tonight
Woke Up This Morning
Miss Misery
Vigilante Man
Please Don't Judas Me

--> Hazel O'Conner
eight day

--> Thin Lizzy:

--> Redbone:
Wounded Knee

--> P.I.L.:
Public Image

--> Tom Cochrane:
Life Is A Highway

--> Thalamusic remix demos:
Sanxion/Thalamusic Demo (Rob Hubbard Commodore64/Atari 1980's)
Sanxion/Thalamusic Demo

--> The Warning:
Free Falling
Enter Sandman

--> Bon Jovi:
Dead Or Alive (live Moscow)

--> Sylvester:
Do You Wanna Funk

--> Black Crowes:

--> INXS:
Dissappear (clip)
Dissappear (studio, better audio)
New Sensation

--> Trace:
Gaillarde (1)
Gaillarde (2)

--> GBS:
Little Green Bag

--> Dave Edmunds:
Girls Talk

--> Led Zeppelin:
How Many More Times (studio)
How Many More Times (Live, tv show, 1969, maybe the first...)
When The Levee Breaks (remastered.., but almost 100% close, and I think it's really a great sound)
Black Dog (live 1973)
Communication Breakdown
Kashmir (live)
Gallows Pole (Leadbelly)

--> UB40:
Rat in My Kitchen (1) (studio)
Rat in My Kitchen (2) (live, 2003)
Red Red Wine (live, 2003)

--> Judas Priest:
Hell Rider

--> Ana Popovic:
live in Amsterdam (1h15m)

--> Country Gazette:
Huckleberry Hornpipe (1973)
Down The Road (1973)

--> Black Sabbath:
War Pigs
War Pigs (live, Paris, 1970)
Into The Void
Wheels Of Confusion
Electric Funeral
Children of the Grave

--> γ ray
I Want Out (live)

--> Bullet For My Valentine:
Your Betrayal
Scream Aim Fire

--> Motorhead:
Bomber (1)
Bomber (2)
Killed By Death
Ace of Spades
Iron Fist

Lemmy in: "Runnin' Wild - Airbourne"

. --> Ramones:
Live, London '77 (26 min)
Hey Ho Let's Go (Blitzkrieg Bop), Live

--> New York Dolls:
NY Dolls album
Frankenstein (live)

--> The Stranglers:
No More Heroes

--> Tenpole Tudor:
Who Killed Bambi?

--> The Adverts:
Gary Gilmore's Eyes

--> Dead Boys:
Sonic Reducer

--> 331ERock:
Crystallize (Dubstep Violin) Meets Metal
Pacific Rim Meets Metal
Kill Bill Vol.1 Meets Metal
Doctor Who Meets Metal

--> XYZ:
Off To The Sun
Inside Out
Face Down In The Gutter

--> Rammstein:

--> Manowar:
Warriors of the World
Die For Metal

--> Blackmore & Dio (Rainbow)
Mistreated (live) (1)
Mistreated (live) (2)

--> Kreator: (Warning: Possibly offending vids)
Hordes of Chaos (The vid is questionable, but the music is great.)
People Of The Lie (Easily misunderstood video/lyrics. But the music is great.)

--> U.D.O. live in Sofia (Udo Dirkschneider from the early Accept - best metal voice EVER!!!):
Balls To The Wall
Princess Of The Dawn

--> Guns N' Roses:
Yesterdays (1)
Yesterdays (2)
Paradise City (1)
Paradise City (2)

--> Black Label Society:

--> Stratovarius:
The Kiss Of Judas

--> ZZ Top:
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Viva Las Vegas

--> Anthrax:
Be All End All
I Am The Law

--> S.O.D: ! WARNING: Probably Offending lyrics....! (good music, but awfull lyrics)
March Of The SOD
Freddy Krueger
Douche Crew
Kill Yourself

--> Metallica ....Live (most from Seattle '89):
Harvester of Sorrow (1989)
The Thing That Should Not Be (1989)
And Justice for All (1989)
Welcome Home (1989)
Damage Inc. (1992)
For Whom The Bells Tolls (1992)
Disposable Heroes (1993)
Leper Messiah (2013)

--> Exodus:
Bonded By Blood (1)
Bonded By Blood (2)

--> Krokus:
Long Stick Goes Boom (studio)
Long Stick Goes Boom (live)

--> Rose Tattoo:
Nice Boys (don't play rock'roll)

--> The Free:
All Right Now (1)
All Right Now (2)

--> Princess:
Say I'm Your Number One (1) (12")
Say I'm Your Number One (2)

--> Ellen Foley:
We belong to the night (1)
We belong to the night (2)

--> Female ACDC-like bands:

(several bands goes with similar names..., I am not always accurate here...)

Live Wire - Thund/HER/Struck
Thunderstruck - Thund/HER/Struck
Back In Black - Thund/HER/Struck
Live Wire - AC/DShe (bad audio quality, but 100% power/100% raw)
Live Wire - AC/DShe
Kicked In The Teeth - AC/DShe
Walk All Over You - AC/DShe
Full concert - Geleen 2007 (1.36) - AC/DShe
Bad Boy Boogie - Hell's Belles
Have a Drink On Me - Hell's Belles
Highway To Hell - Hell's Belles
High Voltage - Black Rosie
Back In Black - Black Rosie

--> Gabriella Cilmi:
Sweet About Me (1) (perf)
Sweet About Me (2) (studio)

--> Daft Punk:
Lose Yourself to Dance (great clip of "Sign Spinners")
Lose Yourself to Dance (studio)

Donna Summer:
I Feel Love

--> Mai Tai:
Am I losing you forever
Body And Soul

--> Trammps
Disco Inferno
The Night The Lights Went out (1) (clip)
The Night The Lights Went out (2)

--> Bonnie Tyler:
Total Eclipse Of The Heart

--> Taffy:
I Love My Radio (original)
I Love My Radio (extended/USA)
I Love My Radio (extended/Europe)

--> Herman Brood:
Saturday Night

Dianna Ross & The Supremes:
Where did our love go (amazing footage)

--> Gene Pitney:
Something's gotten hold of my heart

--> Amanda Lear:
Follow me (1)
Follow me (2)

--> Catapult
Let Your Hair Hang Down

--> The Smiths:
What Difference Does It Make?
How Soon is Now?

--> Gary Numan:
Are friends electric

--> 2 Unlimited:
No Limit

--> John Carpenter (EfNY):
track 1 (The Duke Arrives...)
track 2
track 3

--> Zucchero:
Il Volo
Madre Dolcissima (1) (Eng)
Madre Dolcissima (2) (It)

--> The Corrs:
So Young (live)

--> Fischer Z:
So long

--> Heart:

--> Crash Test Dummies:
mmmm mmmm mmmm

--> Alison Moyet:
Love Resurrection
Nobody's Diary (Yazoo)

--> D:Ream:
Things Can Only Get Better

--> Erasure:
Oh L'Amour

--> Duran Duran:
The Reflex
Ordinary World
Save A Prayer
Hungry Like The Wolf (1)
Hungry Like The Wolf (2)

--> Ottawan:
D.I.S.C.O (1)
D.I.S.C.O (2)

--> Mike Oldfield:
Moonlight Shadow
To France

--> Within Temptation:
Ice Queen (live)
Ice Queen (studio)

--> Wang Chung:
Dance Hall Days (1)
Dance Hall Days (2) (extended)

--> Boney M:

--> Normaal:
Oerend hard

--> KC & Sunshine Band:
Get Down Tonight

--> Cream:
White Room

--> ABC:
The Night You Murdered Love
When Smokey Sings

--> The Fixx:
One Thing Leads To Another

--> Slade:
Mama we'r all crazee now (1)
Mama we'r all crazee now (2)

--> Tool:

--> The Pheromones:
Stronger (1)
Stronger (2)

--> Melissa Etheridge:
Like The Way I Do (1)
Like The Way I Do (2)

--> Marshall Hain:
Dancing In The City

--> Emerson Lake and Palmer:
Lucky Man

--> Matia Bazar:
Ti Sento (1) (studio)
Ti Sento (2) (perf)
Ti Sento (3) (12")

--> Fiction Factory:
Feels Like Heaven (1)
Feels Like Heaven (2)

--> OMD:
Maid of Orleans (1)
Maid of Orleans (2)

--> Soft Cell:

--> Kim Wilde:
You Keep Me Hangin'On
Kids In America

--> Creedence Clearwater Revival:
Fortunate Son
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Bad Moon Rising
Born on the Bayou

--> Ford Fiesta Monster, drifting in San Francisco, on the music of Eddie Rabbitt:
Driving My Life Away

--> Falco:
Rock Me Amadeus (1)
Rock Me Amadeus (2)

--> Doobie Brothers:
Listen To The Music (live)
Listen To The Music (studio)

--> Billy Idol:
Rebel Yell (1) (perf)
Rebel Yell (2) (studio)
Rebel Yell (3) (live)
White Wedding

--> Seal:

--> The Rock Steady Crew:
Hey You (1) (perf)
Hey You (2) (studio)

--> Guano Apes:
Open Your Eyes

--> Katrina and the Waves:
love shine a light

--> 4 Non Blondes:
What's Up

--> Kelly Marie:
Feels Like I'm In Love (1)
Feels Like I'm In Love (2)

--> Spider Murphy Gang:
Skandal im Sperrbezirk (studio)
Skandal im Sperrbezirk (live)

--> Alphaville:
Big in Japan

--> Ram Jam:
Black Betty

--> U2:
Bullet the Blue Sky
New Year's Day

--> Martha & The Muffins:
Echo Beach

--> John Miles:
Music (1)
Music (2)

--> Ecco:
Hexen hexen

--> Peter Schilling:
Major Tom

--> Pussycat:

--> Feargal Sharkey / The Assembly:
A Good Heart

--> Hank The Knife & the Jets:
Stan The Gunman

--> Proclaimers:
500 miles

--> Boston:
More Than A Feeling

--> Neneh Cherry:
Buffalo Stance

--> Suzi Quatro:
Can the can

--> The Jam:
Going Underground

--> Thelma Houston:
Don't leave me this way

--> Roxy Music:
Love Is The Drug

--> Metric:
Help I'm alive

--> Lene Lovich:
Lucky Number

--> Killing joke:

--> Kate Bush:
Wuthering Heights

--> Ugly Kid Joe:
Cats in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

--> Maywood:
Late at Night

--> Josef Schmid:
Ein Lied geht um die Welt
Ik hou van Holland
Es wird im Leben dir mehr genommen als gegeben

--> Leadbelly:
Midnight Special
Alabama Bound
Mothers Blues

--> Hank Snow:
I'm Moving On

--> The Balfa Brothers:
Parlez-nous a boire (original)

--> Mothers finest:
Oh Baby Love

--> The Human League:

--> Visage:
Fade to gray

--> The Stranglers:
Skin deep

--> Jan Hammer (Miami vice theme):
Miami vice theme

--> Sniff'N The Tears:
Driver's Seat

--> Dire Straits:
So Far Away

--> Alanis Morissette:
You Oughta Know (1)
You Oughta Know (2)
Thank You

--> Lenny Kravitz:
I want to fly away

--> Grand Funk Railroad:
Some Kind of Wonderful

--> Gerry Rafferty:
Baker Street

--> Fleetwood Mac:
Go Your Own Way

--> KC & The Sunshine Band:
Please Don't Go

--> Journey:
Midnight Train (Don't Stop Believing)

--> David Bowie:
The Jean Genie

--> Simone White:
beep beep

--> BBC countdowns (lot's of beeps):
track 1

--> Lou Reed:
Perfect Day

--> Patrick Hernandez:
Born to be alive

--> Frizzle Sizzle:
Everything has rhythm

--> Squeeze:
Cool For Cats

--> Renee
High time he went

--> Animotion:

--> Mud:
Dynamite (1)
Dynamite (2)

--> All Saints:
Pure Shores

--> Cheap Trick:
I Want You To Want Me

--> Sparks:
This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us

--> Janis Joplin:
Me & Bobby McGee

--> Van Halen:
Running With The Devil

--> Blancmange:
Blind Vision (1)
Blind Vision (2)

--> Centerfold:

--> Middle of the Road:
Sacramento (1)
Sacramento (2)
Sacramento (3)

--> Imagination:
Illusion (1)
Illusion (2)

--> Bronski Beat:
Smalltown Boy

--> Howard Jones:
What is Love

--> Urbania - City Folks:
City Folks theme (very short track)

--> IceHouse:
Hey Little Girl (1) (tv perf.)
Hey Little Girl (2) (extended) (studio)

--> The Warriors Theme:
The Warriors Theme

--> Libertines:
Can't Stand Me Now

--> Thompson Twins:
Hold me now

--> ADX:
Les Enfants De L'ombre
Division Blindée

--> Anita Meyer:
Why Tell Me Why

--> Sandy Coast:
True Love That's A Wonder

--> T-Rex:
Children of The Revolution (1)
Children of The Revolution (2)

--> Anouk:
Girl (1)
Girl (2)

--> Sisters of Mercy:
Temple of Love

--> The Vapors:
Turning Japanese

--> Toni Basil:

--> Scorpions:
Wind Of Change (1)
Wind Of Change (2)
Send Me An Angel

--> Roxette:
She's got the look (1)
She's got the look (2)
It Must Have Been Love

--> Snow:

--> Men At Work:
Who Can It Be Now

-->Hall & Oates:
Maneater (1) (12")
Maneater (2) (clip)

--> Miami Cops theme:
Miami Super Cops Theme (1)
Miami Super Cops Theme (2)

--> Evanescence:

--> Aalborg Fantasy Soundtrack:
The Living Hills

--> Dave Edmunds:
Girls Talk
Sabre Dance

--> Lions Pride:
Breaking Out

--> Jovink (en de Voederbietels):
Mongo Solo

--> Sailor:

--> Riverdance:
Eurovision Song Contest 1994 Dublin
A Great live performance

--> Limahl:
Never Ending Story

--> Helen Schneider:
Shadows of the Night
Hot Summer Nights

The Three Degrees:
Givin' Up Givin' In (1) (clip)
Givin' Up Givin' In (2) (live in a show)
Givin' Up Givin' In (3) (extended)
Dirty Old Man

--> Laura Branigan:
Gloria (1)
Gloria (2)

--> Cameo:
Word Up (1) (orig. clip)
Word Up (2) (studio)

--> Chic / Nile Rogers:
Le Freak
I Want Your Love
Good Times
Chic/Nile Rogers: live concert (1)
Chic/Nile Rogers: live concert (2)

--> Commodores:
Machine Gun (1) (tv show '74)
Machine Gun (2) (studio)

--> Babe:
The touch of you (with a small touch of "elo")

--> Johnny Wakelin - in Zaire (Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman, Kinshasa, 1974) :
In Zaire (1)
In Zaire (2) (12")

--> Joseph Schmidt:
Una furtiva lagrima

--> The Radio Stars:
Dirty Pictures

--> Wishbone Ash:
Blowin Free (studio)

--> Some Doctor Who themes:
King: Doctor Who theme
331Erock: Dr. Who Meets Metal
Theme 2005 (just one of the originals)

Strange, or not strange..., depends on how you look at it...

10 Hours of waterfall or water stream sound, for meditation/sleep/relaxation.
10 Hours of Rain sound.