Just a few music links (a silly listing).

Baboon Albert's music tips...:
"Super Silly" listing ofcourse (completely in Albert style...). But I admit: silly it is.
(Probably because I' am silly, which would explain it. I think it's that ! Must be it.)

Now, going to Baboon Albert's music listing (and other clips)....
It's just music which I like, at a particular moment.

Please refresh the page to see any updates of Baboon Albert's listing.

06/06/24, 0h0m GMT, + 666m
For those who might have interest: involved procesess cancelled.

--> Starman (movie clips):
Tell Me How To Say Goodbye (movie clip)

--> Pink Floyd (The Early one, which is quite a bit different from the later Floyd):
One Of These Days (studio)
Interstellar Overdrive (studio)
Astronomy Domine (studio)
Careful With That Axe Eugene (live, no clip)

--> Escape from New York (John Carpenter), music themes, and deleted scene:
Theme 1 (studio)
Theme 2 (studio)
Deleted openings scene (movie clip)

--> The Easybeats
Friday On My Mind (clip)

--> Missing Persons:
Destination Unknown (clip)
Mental Hopscotch (clip)
Words (clip)

--> All Saints:
Their vocal harmonies keeps on impressing me.....
One Strike (live, clip)
Pure Shores (live, clip)

--> Kate Bush:
A classic from Kate Bush. Especially the live performance, is Abnormally Good, I think.
Wuthering Heights (live, clip)
Wuthering Heights (clip)

--> SistersGoldenHair (live covers, plus own work):
No Milk Today (live, clip)

--> Neffex:
Just Breathing (studio)
Free Me (studio)

--> Lindsey Stirling:
Shadows (clip)

--> Emiliana Torrini:
The Sound Of Silence (cover) (user's clip)

--> Sina (live covers):
I Love It Loud (live, clip)
Radar Love (live, clip)

--> Chiara Cotugno (live covers):
Alexander The Great (live, clip)
Smoke On The Water (live, clip)

--> The Alan Parsons Project:
Mammagamma (studio)

--> FM Attack
Magic (user edited movie/series clip)

--> "Wushu/Taijijian/Karate" Championships or demonstrations:
Brilliant performances....
Example Wushu/Taijijian championship performance (live, clip)
Example Wushu/Taijijian championship performance (live, clip)

--> Nazareth:
Please Don't Judas Me (clip)
Vigilante Man (clip)

--> Visage:
Fade To Grey (alternative clip)

--> The very early Genesis:
The Return of Giant Hogweed (studio)

--> Saxon:
Thin Red Line (studio)
Dallas 1 PM (studio)
Solid Ball Of Rock (studio)

--> Jefferson Airplane:
White Rabbit (live, clip)

--> Kaapland Boere orkes:
Liefde skeiding (live, clip)

--> Iron Ladies (live covers):
The Writing On The Wall (live, clip)

--> CNN's "What a Shot" music theme (user's clip):
Created by Karenina Martawita (user's clip)

--> Bruce Springsteen:
Human Touch (clip)
Tougher Than Then The Rest (clip)

--> Metallica:
Everybody knows Metallica ofcourse. They have produce quite a few "speedy" metal songs.
However, for me personally, I like the more slower, more heavy, darker songs. As if these songs are
from a more Metallic Super "Black Sabbath"..., or something...
Here are a few examples of what I mean.... These songs are abnormally brilliant !!!!

Don't Tread On Me (studio)
The God That Failed (studio)
Orion (studio)
The Call Of Ktulu (studio)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (studio)
Leper Messiah (studio)
Harvester Of Sorrow (studio)

--> Elena Verrier (live covers):
Blackened (live, clip)

--> Utah Saints:
Something Good (clip)
Something Good 2008 (clip)

--> Where Eagles Dare (movie clips):
Movie's Music Theme (movie clip)
Ending scene (movie clip)

--> Looking Glass Universe:
Nice presentation in the clips below. With her as my teacher, I would not leave school....,
and just stayed there, until they kicked me out. Or "tried'.... to kick me out ! NOoo...NOoo... I don't want to leave school !!!!!

I did the double slit experiment at home (clip)
What is spin? (clip)
What can my Homemade quantum computer do?

--> Keira Kenworthy (live covers):
Halo Of Flies (live, clip)

--> Kodiak Bear in a shelter home:
If you want to see a really large Bear (clip)

--> Billy F. Gibbons:
She's On Fire (clip)

--> (The early) Dr. Feelgood:
Down To The Docter (clip)
Milk & Alcohol (clip)

--> The Car (movie clip):
Trapped with the Car (movie clip)

--> RosyN8:
Territory (live, clip)

--> VBass (live covers):
Atomic (live, clip)

--> Why not a few ACDC songs?:

A few decades ago, the Ancient GODS "Thor, Hades, Zeus, Apollo, Odin"..., decided to return to Earth....
From the death Star Achernar..., they travelled to our Planet. Once there...., they formed ACDC....
As Zeus told me much later on, they were horribly bored to hear only this terrible Hippie music,
and Disco, from the '60's and '70's. So, they decided to do something about that.
And thus... ACDC saw the Light !!!!! This is the reason we have such Divine music....

  1. Evil Walks (Brian) (studio)
  2. It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Play ACDC (Bon) (clip)
  3. Nervous Shakedown (Brian) (clip, studio)
  4. Squealer (Bon) (studio)
  5. Dog Eat Dog (Bon) (live, clip)
  6. Are You Ready? (Brian) (clip)
  7. Live Wire (Bon) (studio)
  8. Night Prowler (Bon) (studio)
  9. Spellbound (Brian) (studio)
  10. Down Payment Blues (Bon) (studio)
  11. The Razors Edge (Brian) (studio)
  12. If You Want Blood, You Got It (Bon) (clip)
  13. C.O.D. (Brian) (studio)
  14. Stormy May Day (Brian) (studio)
  15. War Machine (Brian) (live, clip)
  16. Shot Down In Flames (Bon) (clip, studio)
  17. Hard As A Rock (Brian) (clip, studio)
  18. Have A Drink On Me (Brian) (studio)
  19. Ride On (Bon) (studio)
  20. Rising Power (Brian) (studio)
  21. Overdose (Bon) (studio)
  22. Burnin' Alive (Brian) (studio)
  23. Rock N Roll Train (Brian) (clip, studio)
  24. Shake Your Foundations (Brian) (studio)
  25. Sin City (Bon) (studio)
  26. Let's Get It Up (Brian) (studio)
(There are at least 90 songs or so, that I intensely like. The list above, are just a few of them...., yes, just a few...)

--> Devo:
Corporate Anthem (clip)
Watch us work it (clip)

--> Asha Skatefresh:
Asha in London (clip)
Asha in NY (clip)

--> At the Proms, 2013:
"I Am The Doctor", at the Proms Live 2013 (live, clip)

--> Stephanie Van Linden (live covers):
New Years Day (live, clip)
Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (live, clip)

--> "LRASM": No Fun For The Commander Of The Enemy Ship
Sim 1 (Lockheed Martin) (clip)
Sim 2 (Military Nerd Gukzzang) (clip)

--> "The Persuaders" music theme (TV series)
Main Theme (clip)

--> Shuffle dance clips:
Disco Inferno (clip)
This is the way (clip)
Don't Bring Me Down (clip)

--> Deep Purple:
Just a few Purple songs.....
Perfect Strangers (clip)
Lazy (studio)
Highway Star (studio)
Speed King (studio)

--> Violet Orlandi (live covers):
Still Loving You (live, clip)

--> The Kinks:
Living On A Thin Line (studio)
Lola (user's clip)

--> Some covers of the IM song 'Fear Of The Dark' (live covers):
Kalonica Nicx (drums) (live, clip)
Gamazda (piano) (live, clip) (live, clip)
Golden Salt (guitar, violin) (live, clip)
Cello Force (cello) (live, clip)

--> Fleetwood Mac:
Go Your Own Way (live, clip)
The Chain (live, clip)

--> They Live (movie clip)
The message on TV (movie clip)

--> Michael Jackson:
They Don't Care About Us (live Gotenburg, clip)
They Don't Care About Us (live Brazil, clip)

--> New York Dolls:
Frankenstein (studio)

--> Barbarella (movie clips):
Barbarella and the Ice man (movie clip)

--> Kannie Warries Dansorkes:
Ernie se tokkel (clip)

--> Amanda Lear:
Follow me (clip)

--> Shocking Blue:
Never Marry A Railroad Man (clip)
Inkpot (clip)

--> Office Space (movie clips):
Flair (movie clip)
A meeting with the Bob's (movie clip)
Don't like my job (movie clip)

--> Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (movie clip)
Girls are always better...... Sorry for men, but men are slow, dumb, show-offs, silly, ugly, useless, etc... etc... etc...
Attacked While Having Tea (movie clip)

--> X-Ray Spex:
Oh Bondage, Up Yours! (live, clip)
Germ free adolecents (live, clip)
Identity (clip)

--> The Hollies:
The Air That I Breath (studio)
Long Cool Woman (studio)

--> Laena Grace:
Doomsday (clip)

--> PilotsEYE Miami Approach:
The co-pilot is totally Fabulous !!!
Airliner approach and landing Miami (clip)

--> Uriah Heep:
Just a few songs, from many...
Rainbow Demon (studio)
July Morning (studio)
Stealing (live, clip)
Sunrise (live, clip)

--> Elementals near a Scottisch river, on video?:
It's likely a hoax, but somehow it appears to be authentic..... I am not sure....
If you look at the center of the clip, and then quite a bit left, you see a large log lying on the ground.
Another large branch, points upwards (and pointing a bit leftwards too).
Close to where they intersect, you might see some very faint figures, already after 30 seconds or so.
It's very very faint..., so detecting them is not easy.
It might be a fraud...., but if not, it's quite interesting...... Again, it looks quite authentic.
Video of Elementals? (clip)

--> Very very Long ladder on a mountain:
Girl climbs a remarkably long ladder to a village, high in the mountains. (clip)
Girl walks very narrow, steep paths, alongside clifs...(clip)

--> Imagination:
Just an Illusion (clip)

--> Pointer Sisters:
Fire (live, clip)
Fire (clip)

--> Princess:
Say I'm Your Number One (clip)

--> Boney M:
What I think are their best songs..., fairly unknown songs, compared to their hits...
No More Chain Gang (clip)
Future world, 10000 lightyears away (clip)

--> Mai Tai:
Am I Losing You (live, clip)

--> Debbie solo (Sister Sledge):
Well....., in the late '70's and '80's, I was totally crazy about those 4 Fabulous Girls.... Really!
Lost in music (clip, Debbie Solo)

--> Company b:
Fascinated (clip)

--> Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music:
Avalon (clip)
Let's Stick Together (live, clip)
Slave To Love (studio)

--> Contact (movie clips):
Receiving the Signal (movie clip)

--> Shirin and Mathilda (live covers):
Emerald (live, clip)

--> Ecco:
Hexen (studio)

--> Redsheep:
Pull Me Under (live, clip)

--> Andre Brasseur:
Holiday (studio)

--> Airbourne:
Runnin' Wild (live, clip)
Back In The Game (clip)
Live It Up (studio)

--> Ry Cooder:
Paris, Texas (user's clip)

--> The Donnas:
Those girls are Fabulous........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do You Wanna Hit It (live, clip)
Take it Off (live, clip)
I don't want to know (live, clip)
Wasted (live, clip)
Who Invited You? (clip)
Fall behind me (live, clip)

--> Yee Loi:
I'm Against It (clip)

--> The Corrs:
Toss The Feathers (live, clip)
Breathless (live, clip)

--> The Cult:
She Sells Sanctuary (long version) (clip)
Wild Hearted Son (clip)
Rain (clip)
Love Removal Machine (clip)
Lil Devil (clip)

--> Just A few tracks of Cajun music:
Tit galop pour mamou (clip)
Parlez Nous A Boire (studio)

--> Flatt and Scruggs & Foggy Mt Boys:
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (studio, original 1949)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown (live, clip)

--> Nina Hagen:
So Bad (clip)
Ziggy (live, clip)
Naturtrane (studio)

--> Kim Carnes:
Bette Davis eyes (live, clip)

--> The Flirts:
Temptation (studio)
Passion (12") (studio)

--> Chumbawamba:
I Get Knocked Down (clip with lyrics)

--> Ami Kim (live covers):
Raining Blood (live, clip)
Among The Living (live, clip)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (live, clip)

--> Monty Python:
The clips below, are actually "Extraterrestrial Psychological" tests (stolen from area 51):
If you don't find them funny, then (sorry for you), you are an Alien !!! (maybe you were not even aware of that fact).

"The Hearing Aid" sketch (clip)
"Things on top of other things" sketch (clip)
"The Restaurant / Mr Creosote" sketch (clip) (WARNING: Very gross, maybe....)

--> Catherine Destivelle:
It's real. She is one of the VERY few, who can do such stuff....
Both clips are great, but the first one scares me the most....... (to heart-attack, almost)...

Freestyle Climbing the Supercrack (in USA) (clip)
Freestyle Climbing (in Mali) (clip)

--> Mel & Kim:
Respectable (clip)

--> Trace:
Gaillarde (studio)

--> The Chemical Brothers:
Go (clip)

--> Laura Lãce (live covers):
J.S. Bach, composition on guitar (live, clip)

--> Haendel:
Sarabande (studio, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, so I believe.)

--> Ada (live covers):
Balls To The Wall (live, clip)

--> Hazel O'Conner:
The Eight Day (clip)

--> Emma Peel (Diana Rigg):
I seldom skipped "The Avengers" (from the '60's/'70's). Now I know that it was 100% because of Emma Peel.
"The Avengers" - Short Skirt, Long Jacket (clip)

--> Kim Wilde:
With The Kids In America (clip)

--> The Crystal Method:
Weapons of Mass Distortion (studio)

--> Go Go's:
Head Over Heals (live, clip)
Head Over Heals (studio, clip)
Our lips are sealed (live, clip)
I Wanna Be Sedated (live, clip)

--> Precious Wilson:
Hold on (clip)

--> Sylvester:
Do Ya Wanna Funk (studio)

--> Otis Redding:
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay (studio)

--> Scott McKenzie:
Dear God....., Try To Be Nice For Once...., please let ***FlowerPower*** rule again......
San Francisco (user's clip)

--> The Warning :
They did live covers, but since some years they have a lot of excellent own work too !
If I was in the jury of a contest, I would give these girls 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 points.
I would not even blink. Wait...,.Maybe I would give 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 points.

Evolve (clip)
Choke (clip)
Atlas Rise (live, clip)

--> Theodora Manolache (live covers):
Hot Legs (live, clip)

--> Zepparella (live covers):
When The Levee Breaks (live, clip)
Immigrant Song (live, clip)

--> Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers:
I Won't Back Down (live, clip)
Learning To Fly (clip)
Free Falling (live, clip)

--> Katie Ferrara (live covers, or own work too):
Tangerine (live, clip)

--> Twillight Zone:
A Small Talent For War (clip)
Nightmare at 20000 ft (clip)
Examination Day (clip)

--> Marshall Hain:
Dancing In The City

--> Just a few Black Sabbath songs:
Snowblind (live, clip)
Supernaut (studio)
Under The Sun (live, clip) (not with his Excellence, Bill Ward.)
Children Of The Grave (studio)
Wheels Of Confusion (studio)
Thrill Of It All (studio)
War Pigs (live, clip)
Iron Man (live, clip)

--> Earth and Fire:
Memories (clip)

--> Anna Cara (live covers):
Children Of The Grave (live, clip)
Indians (live, clip)

--> Signs (movie clips):
Babyphone Scene (movie clip)

--> The Langoliers (movie clip).
Appearance of the Langoliers (movie clip).

--> Margot Cotton, 1 girl band (live covers):
Brown Sugar (live,clip)

--> Girls in Long bicycle travels:
(1). 7 months through Europe (short clip)
(2). Around The World In 1000 Days (short clip)

--> Blondie:
Atomic (clip)

--> Pretenders:
My City Was Gone (studio)

--> Montrose:
Space Station V (studio)
Rock Candy (studio)

--> Acheron, Alien Fan Movie by RollinBoy. Short movie 24min:
User created short film, as an Alien sequence (movie clip)

--> Yuki from D_Drive (live covers):
Painkiller (live, clip)

--> Nea Batera (live covers):
South Of Heaven (live, clip)

--> OMD:
Maid of Orleans (clip)

--> Miss Dynamite, Fleur, Sian (live cover):
Gold Dust (live cover)

--> A 're-worked' short clip of "The Day After" (movie clip '83):
"The Day After" (movie clip)

--> Exodus:
Bonded By Blood (studio, 2nd version)

--> "The AC/DC's" Tribute Band (is it the correct name?):
An ACDC tribute band, and this line-up is certainly not bad at all....
Here we see the Best Angus ever. Ofcourse, as always is true, Girls are Superior.

The Jack solo (live, partial clip)
Rock'n'Roll Damnation (live, clip)
Highway To Hell (live, clip)
For Those About To Rock (live, partial clip)

--> Krokus:
American Woman (live, clip)
Long Stick Goes Boom (studio)

--> Alien (movie clips) from 1979, the first movie. Deleted or modified scenes.
Finding the cocoons (was never in the movie) (movie clip)

--> Focus:
House of the King (studio)
Silvia (live, clip)

--> Berlin:
Like Flames (clip)

--> Corona:
The Rythm Of The Night (clip)

--> Kiss:
Rock Bottom (studio)
I Love It Loud (clip)

--> Laura Branigan:
Gloria (clip)

--> Hillary Klug:
Bonaparte's March (clip)

--> Lonely Planet / Globe Trekker:
One of the music themes. (All presenters were good..., but Megan was the Best....) (studio)

--> Marie Digby:
Ordinary World (live, clip)

--> B-52's:
Planet Claire (clip)
Song For A Future Generation (clip)
Private Idaho (clip)
Roam (clip)

--> Strange Kind Of Women (live covers):
These Girls are not stars...., these girls together, form a Supernova....
Speed King (live, clip)
Perfect Strangers (live, clip) I
Smoke On The Water (live, clip) I

--> Sarah Collins (live covers):
Red Light Spells Danger (live, clip)

--> The Cure:
A Forrest (user created slideshow)

--> Republica:
Out Of The Darkness (clip)
Ready To Go (clip)

--> Urban Cookie Collective:
High On A Happy Vibe (clip)
Feels like Heaven (clip)
The Key, The Secret (clip)

--> Black Sabbitch (live covers)
Iron Man ((live, clip)
Sweat Leaf (live, clip)
Tomorrow's Dream (live, clip)

--> Viola Wills:
If You Could Read My Mind (studio, cover, US Disco Purrrfection Version)

--> Silkwood (movie clips):
Shower scene (movie clip)
Edited last scene (near the end) (movie clip)

--> Golden Earring:
Twilight zone (clip)
When The Lady smiles (clip)
Back Home (clip)

--> The Saints:
Nights in Venice (studio)
Story Of Love (studio)

--> Lou Reed:
Perfect Day (studio)

--> Mike Oldfield:
Shadow On The Wall (studio)

--> The Nosebleeds:
Ain't Bin to No Music School

--> David Frizzell:
The Way It Was In '51 (Merle Haggard) (live, clip)

--> Dea Matrona (live covers):
Gloria (live, clip)

--> Girl First time solo in Glider aircraft:
First time solo (live, clip)

--> Just a few clips from Dr. Who (movie clips):
Amy and the Weeping Angel part 1. (clip)
Amy and the Weeping Angel part 2. (clip)

--> (A few) Dr. Who assistants, as time went on....
A display of various female Dr Who assistants (unfortunately not all). (clip)

--> The KLF:
(Mu Mu) Justified & Ancient (clip)
America: What Time Is Love? (clip)

--> Witness for the Prosecution (movie clip):
With Charles Laughton (movie clip)

--> A Little Sound (live covers):
Gold Dust (live cover)

--> The Mothman Prophecies (movie clip):
Telephone call with Indrid Cold (movie clip)

--> Never Ending Story (movie clip):
Artax and the Swamp of Sadness (movie clip)

--> Suzanne Vega:
Solitude Standing (clip)
Blood Makes noise (studio)
99.9 F (clip)

--> Jessica di Falchi (live covers):
Ride The Lightning (live, clip)

--> Yee Loi (live covers):
Whiskey In The Jar (live, clip)
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker (live, clip)

--> The HM Royal Marines Drum Band, plus the Swiss "Top Secret Drum Corps":
Mountbatten Festival of Music 2017 (live, clip)

--> Freda Payne:
Band Of Gold (clip)

--> Indeep:
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (clip)

--> The Detroit Spinners:
Rubberband Man (live, clip)

--> Kool & The Gang:
Let's Go Dancing (clip)

--> Tina Turner
What an unbelievable woman....
Addicted To Love (live, clip)
Steamy Windows (clip)
Steamy Windows (live, clip) (skipped the first 136 sec)
Nutbush City Limits (studio)
Nutbush City Limits (live, clip)
Disco Inferno (clip)
Tina and Cher, Shame on you (live, clip)
A classic: The Queen and King (Tina and Chuck Berry) (live)

--> The Original and Early Accept (German metal, around the '80's):
With Udo..., The Unique, Powerful, Metal Voice...
Russian Roulette (studio, collection of vid fragments)
Princess of the Dawn (live, no clip)
Metal Heart (studio)
Heaven is there, where Hell is (studio)

--> Noelle dos Anjos (live covers):
The Number Of The Beast (live, clip)

--> Dr. Becky:
A day in the life of an Astrophysicist at Oxford University (clip)

--> The Smiths:
What Difference Does It Make? (studio)
How Soon is Now? (studio)

--> Erasure:
Sometimes (clip)
Stop! (studio)
Oh L'Amour (studio)

--> Alice Cooper:
Halo Of Flies (studio)
Elected (clip)

--> Junna (live covers):
Beethoven's Ode To Joy (live, clip)
Painkiller (live, clip)

--> Big Boom (short movie):
Big Boom (short movie)

--> Status Quo:
The Old Masters of Rock....
Roll Over Lay Down (live, clip)
Down Down (clip)

--> Joan of Arc (movie clip):
Joan of Arc versus The English Army (movie clip)

--> Black Adder (some clips from the '80's series):
A Happier Britain (clip)
The training (clip)
The paintings (clip)

--> ABC:
When Smokey Sings (clip)
All of my Heart (clip)
The Night You Murdered Love, ReMix (clip)

--> Missing Persons:
Destination Unknown (clip)
Words (clip)
Mental Hopscotch (clip)

--> En Vogue:
Free Your Mind (clip)
You're Never Gonna Get It (clip)

--> Willow Osborne (live covers):
Little Maggie (live, clip)

--> Devo:
Watch us work it (clip)
Corporate Anthem (clip)

--> The Driver (1978) (movie clips):
The Car Park Sequence (movie clip)

--> Top Gear: Woman vs Nissan GTR:
Ofcourse, the race is nonsense. Stupid clip.
For example, the woman wins evidently, at ALL relevant points....
This is simply the "Main Law Of Physics": Girls will always win.

Nissan GTR vs a Woman (clip)

--> Lillix:
What I Like About You (cover Romantics) (clip)
Dirty Sunshine (studio)

--> Alexandra Lioness (live covers):
I Am The Law (live, clip)

--> Shirin Siavashi & Mathilda Fritzell (live covers):
Super gitar solo, of both girls...., of this Thin lizzy classic.
Emerald (live, clip)

--> INXS:
Disappear (clip)
New Sensation (live, clip)

--> Simple Minds:
She's A River (clip)
New Gold Dream 12" (studio)
New Gold Dream (live, clip)
Up On The Catwalk (clip)
Waterfront (live, clip)
Someone, Somewhere (studio)

The Supremes:
Someday We'll Be Together (studio)
Where did our love go (clip)

--> Sister Sledge (a few clips):
We Are Family (clip)
Lost in music (clip)

--> Amber Arcades:
Right Now (clip)

--> Boudewijn de Groot:
Hoe Sterk Is De Eenzame Fietser (Dutch song) (clip)

--> Alyona (covers):
Rock Of Ages (clip)

--> Ash Freeman:
Rock'N'Roll Train (live, clip)
Blues Improvisation (live, clip)

--> Lio:
Not a great song I think, but the lyrics are somewhat funny, or strange, but certainly OK.
Amoureux Solitaires (clip)

--> The Beast - 1988 (movie clip):
Surrounded (movie clip)

--> Meytal (live covers):
Painkiller (live, clip)
You Oughta Know (live, clip)

--> Crash Test Dummies:
mmmm mmmm mmmm

--> Dave Edmunds:
Sabre Dance (studio)
Sabre Dance (live, clip)

Territory (live, clip)

--> Johnny Wakelin:
In Zaire - extended (user's clip)

--> Dark Star (movie clip):
Bomb Philosophy (movie clip)

--> Amymarie Gaertner (song: from "The Fixx"):
One Thing Leads to Another (clip)

--> A Flock Of Seagulls:
Space Age Love Song (clip)

--> Maikalavera (live covers):
Hold On, I'm coming (live, clip)
Grease (clip)

--> Siouxsie And The Banshees:
Happy House (clip)

--> Artists on a city square, playing Beethoven:
Ode an die Freude / Europe's Anthem (live, clip)

--> T.Rex:
Get It On (live, clip)
Children Of The Revolution (clip)

--> The Fifth Element (movie clips):
Free Lunch (movie clip)
Meeting Evil (movie clip)
Opening scene (movie clip)

--> The Stingettes (the girls):
The girls are totally Fantastic.....!!!.
Marching 2018 (live, clip)

--> Mari e Maya (live covers):
I am not sure whether I find this.... Excellent, or just Outstanding...
Run To The Hills (live, clip)

--> (The Belgium) Nightwitches (live covers):
All 4 girls, are totally Superb... In the first clip, I jumped to t=210 sec,
in order to go to "Children Of The Grave" (the second song of the clip).

Children Of The Grave (live, clip)
Into The Void (live, clip)
War Pigs (live, clip)

--> Some of the (slightly more heavy) masterpieces of the early Queen:
Queen was a unique "stream" in pop/rock. And ofcourse a totally unique frontman....
Tie Your Mother Down (clip)
I am I Love with My Car (clip)
Fat Bottomed Girls (clip)

--> The Nosebleeds:
Ain't Bin to No Music School (studio)

--> The Shirkers:
Drunk and Disorderly (studio)
Suicide (studio)

--> The Runaways:
Schooldays (clip)
Cherry Bomb (clip)

--> Girlschool:
Demolition (live, clip)
C'mon Let's go! (live, clip)
Emergency (live, clip)

--> Olivia Newton John:
I choose this oustanding song, to honour the Great Lady...
Magic (clip)

--> Kung Fu:
Grasshopper vs Bullets (clip)

--> Fischer Z:
So long (clip)

--> Gino Vannelli:
Wild Horses (clip)
Black Cars (clip)

--> Slade:
Gudbuy T'Jane (clip)
Mama we'r all crazee now (clip)

--> Anett Foldes (live covers):
Changes (live, clip)

--> The Cure:
A Forrest (clip)

--> Black Sun Entertainment: Envoy (short movie)
I will never tell you anything !!! (short movie)

--> Logan's run (movie clip):
The Storage Keeper (movie clip)
There is another World !!!... where you can grow old...!! (movie clip)

--> Captain Hollywood Project:
Flying High (clip)

--> The Exorcist (movie clip, original 1973):
Openings Scene (movie clip)

--> Juliette Jade Valduriez:
How would I grade this...? Well, I would say excellent....
Room 7 (live, clip)
Ashes Of Light (live, clip)
Not Sorry (live, clip)

--> Lucie Pasquet (live covers):
She Sells Sanctuary (live, clip)
Kickstart My Heart (live, clip)

--> Amimusixx (live covers):
Fire Woman (live, clip)

--> Nazi Robots in NYC (movie clip)
Nazi Robots in NYC (short student movie)

--> Dirty Harry (movie clip):
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk...? (movie clip)

--> Open Water, 2003, the first one (movie clip):
A couple of divers, was left alone in the water. After her husband was killed by the sharks, she is now alone...
For me..., this is a horrible fragment.... Maybe not for you. But better not watch the clip..., I dont know, really...
It's not the sharks, since it could have been anything else too. But that she decides to commit suicide...

The Resignation (movie clip)
0 --> Def Leppard:
Rock of Ages (clip)
Pour Some Sugar On Me (clip)

--> "KickAss" (movie clip):
Dancing (or something...) by HitGirl (movie clip)

--> Sex Pistols:
"Never Mind The Bollocks"... is a great album. I think this is the best song (please remember that I am just a Baboon).....
Liar (studio)

--> Flick Vault (movie clip):
Payback Time (movie clip)

--> ABBA:
ABBA is simply a unique flow..., own identity...
The Name Of The Game (clip)
Knowing Me, Knowing You (clip)
Take A Chance On Me (clip)

--> Iron Maiden:
What is the Best classical ('70's, '80's, '90's) hardrock/metal? Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, ACDC,
Uriah Heep, Slayer, Metallica, and many others, would fill the bill. Or not ????
Well..., Quite possibly Iron Maiden is the ONE.... Here are just a few songs...

Can I play with Madness (Bruce) (clip)
Killers (Paul) (live)
Killers (Paul) (studio)
Run To The Hills (Bruce) (studio)
The Trooper (Bruce) (clip)
Fear of the Dark (clip) (Bruce)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Bruce) (studio)
Wasted Years (clip) (Bruce)
Dance Of Death (Bruce)(studio)
22 Acacia Avenue (Bruce) (studio)
(666) Number Of The Beast (Bruce) (studio)
To Tame A Land (Bruce) (clip from the movie Dune)
Phantom of the Opera (Paul) (live)
Phantom of the Opera (Paul) (studio)

--> Katzenjammer:
Sheperd and Princess (live, clip)
Rock Paper Scissors (clip)

--> Ava Llew (live covers):
War pigs (live, clip)

--> Once upon a Time (movie clip):
You brought two horses, too many... (movie clip)

--> Barbara Martinez (live covers):
What's Up (live, clip)

--> Fury (movie clip):
Sherman vs Tiger (movie clip)

--> Usura:
Open Your Mind (studio)

--> One of the Greatest names ever: Elvis Presley
Shuffle dance clip ("His latest flame")

--> ...Metallica covers:
Nikoleta: Justice For All (live, clip)
Alex s: The Day That Never Comes (live, clip)
JJ's One Girl Band: Harvester Of Sorrow (live, clip)

--> Gary Numan:
Cars (Gary Numan & NIN) (live, clip)
Cars (clip)

--> The Motors:
Dancing the night away (studio)

--> Anna Koniotou (live covers):
Bomfunk Freestyler(live, clip)

--> Kalonica Nicx (live covers):
Fear Of The Dark (live, clip)
Rasputin (Oohh.. Those Russians...) (live, clip)

--> Sonia Anubis (live covers):
Detroit Rock City (live, clip)

--> Some great Uriah Heep covers:
Sina: July Morning (live, clip) (not the orig. 1972 version)
Ami Kim: Look At Yourself (live, clip)

--> Snap:
Eternity (clip)

--> About Quantum Entanglement:
Quite informative.... I like it.
Quantum Entanglement (clip)

--> About the unification of the ElectroMagnetic- and (nuclear) Weak interactions:
Not really easy..., but quite informative.... (Unfortunately, there is always some Advertising)
How 2 Fundamental Forces Unite (and Higgs) (clip)

--> About the detection of Gravitational waves for the first time:
The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves (clip)

--> Sara Loera (live covers):
Fire Woman (live, clip)

--> Garbage:
Only Happy When It Rains (live, clip)

--> Maid Of Ace:
Enemy Within (clip)
Repent (clip)

--> The Undertones:
My Perfect Cousin (clip)

--> Almost Christmas (movie clip):
Dinner, with the Mistress (and..., Grandma...!!!) (movie clip)

--> April Roots (live covers):
Sometimes you find a real Master...
White Summer / Black Mountain (live, clip)

--> TEDxDelft clip (science)
A nice presentation about "Spooky Physics" (Quantum effects)....
Spooky Physics, by Leo Kouwenhoven, Delft (live, clip)

--> Flight 1549 Landing in Hudson (movie clip)
Landing in Hudson river (movie clip)

--> Gifted (movie clip):
Mary solves Gaussian Integral (movie clip)

--> Yuki from D_Drive (live covers):
Painkiller (live, clip)

--> Gamazda's covers:
Thunderstruck (live, clip)

--> Troy movie clip:
Achilles versus Giant Boagrius (movie clip)

--> Young girl speaks at COP26 Glasgow:
Vinisha Umashankar Delivers a Powerful Speech (live, clip)

--> The Cars:
Moving In Stereo (studio)

--> Margot Cotton (live covers):
Brown Sugar (live, clip)

--> "Ongaku Duo" covers:
The Call Of Ktulu (Lovecraft) (live, clip)
The Unforgiven (live, clip)

--> Fast Archery (Iza Privezenceva):
She is my girlfriend (no, I am lying again, ofcourse...). I find this Superb !!!
Abnormally Fast Bow Shooting, by Iza Privezenceva (live, clip)

--> Silenzium:
I Was Made For Lovin' You (clip, skipped the first 76 seconds)

--> Terri Nunn:
Started the clip at 4:57 just to jump to "Like Flames" (so there is a song before it)
Like Flames (live, clip)

--> Nicole Franks "Revolver: Fast Draws":
Very Fast and accurate shooting (3 times, very fast, in a difficult setup) (short clip)
Nicole Franks Gunslinger Demo of Fastdraw (clip)

--> Omeleto short movies:
Nuclear Drone, and the UFO (short movie)

--> Yazoo (Allison Moyet):
Nobody's Diary (clip)

--> Men Without Hats:
Safety Dance (studio, extended)

--> Dave Edmunds:
Girls talk (original Elvis Costello) (clip)

--> Emmylou Harris:
Movin' on (Hank Snow) (live, clip)

--> Great clips of "Lemmino":
The Search For D. B. Cooper (clip)

--> Focus:
Silvia (live, clip)
Silvia (studio)
House of the King (studio)
House of the King (live, clip)
Hokus Pokus (live, clip)

--> The F-117:
Very facinating appearance... Possibly the coolest plane ever...
Nice clip of the F-117 in flight. With accompanying music from "Foreigner". (clip)

--> The Gost and the Darkness (movie clip):
Shooting lions is idiotic ofcourse, but it's just a movie....
Prizefighting (clip)

--> A Flock of Seagulls:
Space Age Love Song (clip)

--> Lionel Richie:
All Night Long (live, clip)

--> Masalawasabi (live covers):
The first few seconds, you may think "what is this..?", but soon it becomes a flawless cover.
White Room (live, clip)

--> The China Syndrome:
Turbine trip (movie clip)

--> Middle Of The Road:
Soley Soley (clip)

--> Pussycat:
Mississippi (clip)

--> Leadbelly:
There's A Man Going Round Taking Names (studio)

--> Moriah Formica (live covers):

Barracuda (live, clip)
Immigrant song (live, clip)

--> "The Swedish" Bullet (a bit ACDC like, so that's a real PLUS):
Pay the Price (studio)
Dusk 'til Dawn (live, clip)

-->"The US" Rhino Bucket (a bit ACDC like, so that's a real PLUS):
Welcome To Hell (studio) (singer resembles Bon quite a bit)
Bar Time (studio)
Beat To Death Like A Dog (studio)
Take A Long Long Ride With Yourself (clip)

--> "The Swedisch" AB/CD (Not spelled wrongly. VERY ACDC like, so that's a enormous PLUS)
Devils Dinner (studio) (This is AB/CD, not AC/DC.)
Harley Davidson (clip)
Victim of Rock (EP)
Rock 'n Roll Devil (clip)
Rock 'N' Rolex (studio)

--> Anastasia (live covers):
Highway Star (live, clip)
Sultans of Swing (live, clip)

--> Kim Carnes:
Bette Davis Eyes (clip, live(?) )

--> The Iron Cross (cover band):
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin) (clip)

--> Trammps:
Disco Inferno (clip)
The Night The Lights Went Out (clip)

--> T'Pau:
Heart And Soul (clip)

* Go Go's live in the early '90's...
Our lips are sealed (live, clip)

--> Nandi Bushell (live covers):
Good Times Bad Times (live, clip)
Toxicity (live, clip)
Voodoo Child (live, clip)

--> Scorpions:
Still Loving You (studio)
The Zoo (studio/comeblack)
The Zoo (studio/original)

--> The Vanishing Point (movie 1971):
The End. (clip)

--> ELO:
Don't Bring Me Down - clip: Shuffle Girls

--> The Cats:
(Maybe the song is a tiny bit too "sweet", but I sure like the Tall ships.)

Sailing Home (slideshow tall ships) (original: Zora Je)

--> Depeche Mode:
Never Let Me Down Again (clip).

--> Sencit Music - Tenth Dimension:
Triumph (studio)

--> The Small Faces:
Tin Soldier (clip)

--> Nemophila (live covers):
The Trooper (Iron Maiden) (clip)

--> Fanny:
Ain't that peculiar (live, clip)
Blind Alley (studio)

--> Skate board magic (Isamu):
Isamu: a Short Skate Film
Isamu: when they are shoes

--> NightWitches (Black Sabbath):
(Many bands from the '70's, '80's were great, but Black Sabbath was "InterGalactic")
Into The Void (live)
NIB (live)
Performance Brussel 11/07/2012 (live, as of 3.28 the best Black Sabbath starts !!!)
War Pigs (live)

--> White Tiger (Russian War movie):
Not only a very remarkable war movie, but it has a strange, curious "edge" on it, like a tank commander,
who can communicate with tanks.

White Tiger (full movie)

--> X-Ray Spex:
I would 100% have voted for Poly Styrene, to be Prime Minister of the Solar System...
Germ free adolecents (clip)
Identity (clip)
Oh Bondage, Up Yours! (clip)
The Day The World Turned Day Glo (clip)
Art-I-Ficial (live)

--> Marta Rockowa (Cello Force):
Fear Of The Dark (clip)

--> National Geographic documentary: Siberian Tiger
Protecting the Siberian Tiger's *ultimate* Last Home (short documentary)

--> M:
Pop Muzik (live)

--> Katrina and The Waves:
Love Shine a Light (live, Winner Eurovision 1997)

--> UB40:
Rat in My Kitchen (live, clip)
Red Red Wine (live, clip)

--> Zucchero:
Madre Dolcissima (Eng)

--> Blondie:
Atomic (clip)
Atomic (studio)

--> The Ayoub Sisters:
Rasputin (clip)

--> Status Quo (The Old Masters Of Rock...):
Whatever You Want (clip)
Roll Over Lay Down (live, clip)
Down Down (live, clip)

--> Sailor:
Sailor (clip)

--> The Chemical Brothers:
Galvanize (clip)

--> Juliette Jade Valduriez:
Room 7 (live, clip)

--> September:
Cry For You (clip)

--> Just a few Girl live covers of Muse:
Chloe: Hysteria (guitar) (live, clip)
Chromatic63: Hysteria (guitar) (live, clip)

--> Heart:

--> Babylon Zoo:
Spaceman (clip)

--> The Excorsist original 1973:
Opening scene (clip)

--> Apollo 13:
A New Mission scene (clip)
Failure Is Not An Option ! (clip)

--> "Artificial Intelligence" movie clip:
David finds the Professor (clip)

--> Taii:
Runnin Free (live, clip)

--> Two Steps From Hell covers
Nur Amira Syahira: Heart of Courage (live, clip)
Maomaoyu (?):Victory (clip, maybe live)

--> Ellen Foley:
We Belong (clip)

--> Solaris 2002 (The Russian original was from 1972, Tarkovski):
There are no answers, only choices (clip).

--> Fawlty Towers:
Don't mention the war (clip)

--> Safety Dance:
The Original by "Men without Hats" (studio)

--> The Appolo program and the Saturn V (Apollo 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17):
How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 1 (animation)
How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 2 (animation)
How the Apollo Spacecraft works: Part 3 (animation)
Launch of the Saturn V (actual data, clip)

--> Alison Moyet / Yazoo:
Nobody's Diary (clip)

--> Redbone:
Wounded Knee (clip, 1973)

--> Just a few Girl live covers of Anthrax:
Audrey123talks: Indians (guitar) (live, clip)

--> The Evil Boss clip:
Will Ferrell as the Evil Boss (clip)

--> The Motels:
Suddenly Last Summer (clip)

--> Life of Pi
Pi, and Richard Parker, the Tiger. (the tiger is digitized)

--> Cream:
White Room (studio)

--> Fatboy Slim:
Right Here, Right Now

--> Commodores:
Machine gun (studio)
Machine gun (clip, Soul Train)

--> Goddesses of Bagpipes:
Shipping To Boston / Enter Sandman (clip)

--> Individual LIVE covers of Dire Straits:
Luna: Sultans Of Swing (Gayageum)
Anastasia: Sultans Of Swing (guitar)

--> Janne Schra:
One Day (live) (cover)
Waterfalls (live) (cover)

--> Battleship - AC/DC (Ofcourse I am an Idiot: But... AC/DC and Battleships works for me.):
Thunderstruck (clip Battleship, silly movie, but a great scene.)

--> Kate Bush:
The Man With The Child In His Eyes (clip, live 1979)
The Man With The Child In His Eyes (studio)

--> Rollerskate girls:
Dire straits: Skateaway (clip: rollerskate girls)
Individual skating (clip).

--> The Vanishing Point '71
The Vanishing Point '71 (edited clip)

--> Corona:
Rhythm of the Night (clip)
Shuffle clip "Try Me Out - Mix" (clip)

--> Matia Bazar:
Ti Sento (live)

--> Helen Schneider:
Hot Summer Nights (studio)

--> Barry Lyndon:
Sarabande, Handel

--> Patty Gurdy:
Gurdy's Green (clip)

--> Billy Ocean:
Red Light Spells Danger (studio)
Red Light Spells Danger (live)
Love Really Hurts Without You
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

--> Rory Gallagher:
Messin with the Kid (live)
Lonesome Highway (studio)

--> (The fairly "early") Metallica:
Don't Tread On Me

--> Grandpa Jones:
Old Rattler

--> Lindsey Stirling:
Shadows (clip)

--> Engel (based on Rammstein - Engel) interpretations.
Gregorian: Engel (clip)
In Chorus: Engel

--> Musician live covers of Jimmy Hendrix:
Sima B: Voodo Child (guitar)
Luna: Voodo Child (Gayageum)

--> The Runaways (full band):
Cherry Bomb (clip)
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (clip) (Slade)

--> Joan Jett (full band):
I Hate Myself For Loving You
Cherry Bomb
Do You Wanna Touch Me (1)
Do You Wanna Touch Me (2)

--> Nur Amira Syahira:
Nur Amira Syahira: Two Steps From Hell (drums)

--> Amii Stewart:
Knock on Wood

--> Anouk:
R U Kiddin' Me
The Dark
Sacrifice (live)

--> The Human League :
The Lebanon

--> The Connels:
'74 '75 (studio)

--> Toyah:
Sensational (clip)
Latex Messiah (clip)
Latex Messiah (live, acoustic, 2016)

--> The Sweet:
Fox on the Run
Ballroom Blitz
Love Is Like Oxygen

--> Vangelis:
Theme Blade Runner (1)
Theme Blade Runner (2)

--> Nellie Furtado:
Turn Off The Light (live)
Turn Off The Light (clip)

--> Hot Chocolate:
Every 1's a winner

--> HET (Dutch):
Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan / I Dont Want To Get Up Now

--> The Saints ('70s period):
Story Of Love
Wild about You
Messin' with the Kid

--> Bad Company:
Bad Company

--> Kraftwerk:
Autobahn (original)

--> The Early And Original Sepultura:
Inner Self (live 1991)
Refuse Resist

--> XTC:
Making Plans for Nigel

--> Thin Lizzy:

--> Black Crowes:

--> GBS:
Little Green Bag

--> Led Zeppelin:
How Many More Times (studio)
How Many More Times (Live, tv show, 1969, maybe the first...)
When The Levee Breaks (remastered.., but almost 100% close, and I think it's really a great sound)
Black Dog (live 1973)
Communication Breakdown
Kashmir (live)
Gallows Pole (Leadbelly)

--> Ana Popovic:
live in Amsterdam (1h15m)

--> Country Gazette:
Huckleberry Hornpipe (1973)
Down The Road (1973)

--> γ ray
I Want Out (live)

--> Motorhead:
Bomber (1)
Bomber (2)
Killed By Death
Ace of Spades
Iron Fist

Lemmy in: "Runnin' Wild - Airbourne"

--> The Stranglers:
No More Heroes

--> The Adverts:
Gary Gilmore's Eyes

--> Dead Boys:
Sonic Reducer

--> Rammstein:

--> ZZ Top:
Gimme All Your Lovin'
Viva Las Vegas

--> Anthrax:
Be All End All
I Am The Law

--> Herman Brood:
Saturday Night

--> Catapult
Let Your Hair Hang Down

--> 2 Unlimited:
No Limit

--> The Corrs:
So Young (live)

--> D:Ream:
Things Can Only Get Better

--> Mike Oldfield:
Moonlight Shadow
To France

--> Within Temptation:
Ice Queen (live)
Ice Queen (studio)

--> Wang Chung:
Dance Hall Days (1)
Dance Hall Days (2) (extended)

--> KC & Sunshine Band:
Get Down Tonight

--> The Fixx:
One Thing Leads To Another

--> Emerson Lake and Palmer:
Lucky Man

--> Fiction Factory:
Feels Like Heaven (1)
Feels Like Heaven (2)

--> Soft Cell:

--> 4 Non Blondes:
What's Up

--> Kelly Marie:
Feels Like I'm In Love (1)
Feels Like I'm In Love (2)

--> CityRocks:
White Wedding (live, clip)