Some special, or green, or fast, or electric, or economic, bikes and trikes.

By: Albert van der Sel

Take the bicycle! Here are a few good reasons:

Got it?

Ofcourse, a "normal" bike is good enough for your daily exercise !

However, the fabulous models below, might be seen as serious options too. Unfortunately, most of them are not very cheap.
But, they are nothing less than Super...

1. Some special Bikes:

The Emcycle 1. The unbelievable Emcycle
The Twike 2. The incredible Twike
The Cooper Etrike 3. The fabulous Cooper Etrike
Go-one bike 4. The incredible Go-one
Drymer bike 5. The incredible Drymer
Aerorider bike 6. The incredible Aerorider
Velo handcycle bike 7. Want to work out your biceps?
American bike 8. Fantastic American Concept
Leitra 9. Nice velo from Leitra
Velayo 10. The Velayo
Trimtab 11. The Trimtab
BlueVelo 12. The FlevoBike Orca (NL)
13. Really Superb: The Roadrunner
14. Insanely beautiful machine by Vela
15. Breathtaking? The Mangalicanga.
SC-1 Biposto
16. This is so great: The "SC-1 Biposto"
Raht Racer
17. If speed is important: The "Raht Racer"
18. Interesting, but Not to be taken seriously:
Pedal powered "Ferrari"

2. Appendices:

2.1 Other Great Overviews:

List of Velomobiles manufacturers.
A collection of Velomobiles.
Nice concepts, and not too wild.
Trike show of about 60 designs (not only bicycle and man-powered)
Velo mobiles on Wikipedia
Great overview velomobiles (

2.2 Some nice blogs:

Last update: 23 August, 2015